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The work of Sophia Savagner explores corporality, identity and mysticism. She paints, creates masks and takes photographs of them being worn. She proposes imaginary social roles through masks that evoke fear and desire, sexuality and mortality. They transform the wearers into genderless creatures, and are made in a neo-animist and eco-alchemist approach, to reconnect to the self through the divine.

Her practice started with expressionist oil painting portraits, that slowly became three dimensional masks.​ The initial masks were thought as relics of first impressions of strangers, as lost objects. She continued to explore more primal beliefs and conceptual objects through mask making. In keeping with her environmental ethics, all the masks are created with upcycled, repurposed materials and eco-conscious techniques. 


Born in 1997, she grew up in South of France, where she studied psychology. She moved to Athens (Greece) in 2020, where she now works and lives.

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